3 Reasons to Choose Alternatives to Medical Colleges in the USA

Finding an MBBS program outside of India can be a challenge for many students. Unfortunately, many international colleges and universities recruit students from India with promises of future careers as doctors in USA, even though students will not complete the required ACGME clinical rotations.

To avoid this issue, many students look to medical colleges in the USA. However, getting into these colleges can be very difficult. There are exceptional medical colleges outside of the USA that provide ACGME clinical rotations at American teaching hospitals and offer several benefits for Indian students to consider.

Low Student to Instructor Ratio

Top medical colleges in the Caribbean offer exceptionally low student-to-instructor ratios of eight to one. This is better than the top medical colleges in the USA and allows students to have the one-on-one support they need for exceptional learning opportunities.

Ability to Utilize Scholarships for Tuition

There are scholarships available for students completing an MBBS in the Caribbean that provide as much as a 40% reduction in tuition. Combined with the ability to complete a paid PG in the USA, students can complete their program and have no student debt. The same types of scholarships are not available at medical colleges in the USA.

Supportive Campus Culture

Medical colleges in the Caribbean that focus on students from India provide a comfortable and familiar campus culture. Students have access to traditional foods, holiday celebrations, and support from Indian faculty members when completing their studies abroad.

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