Orthotics Patients in New York and New Jersey Celebrate Custom Orthotics

What is orthotics? Well, orthotics are products made to correct bad feet and ankles. You have probably seen the inserts in stores and though about trying them. Before you do, you should know that those really don’t work quite as well as custom orthotics. While you may be concerned about custom orthotics cost, you should know that these orthotics are made by specialists in New York and New Jersey by doctors who know exactly what they are doing. The custom orthotics cost is well worth it, especially when you can stop rolling your ankles, stop stumbling, and stop your aching feet. Here’s more on these custom orthotics.

Mold Your Own Feet at Home, Ship in the Molds, and the Doctors Do the Rest

There is no office patient visit charge. The custom orthotics cost is upfront with no strings attached. You receive a mold kit in the mail, pour your own molds of your feet, ship the completed molds back the company, and the doctors assess the molds of your feet to make you a custom pair of corrective orthotics.

What Is Orthotics Without the Hefty Price Tag?

Understandably, anyone who has ever been prescribed custom orthotics has probably been told some astronomical price that insurance doesn’t cover. What makes these orthotics different is that the middle man (the insurance company) is cut out so that the price of your orthotics is cut down. It’s why they are more affordable. If you want to try it for yourself, contact Arcus Orthotics online.

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