4 Signs You Need a Transmission Inspection

Your car’s transmission is one of its most important systems. If it isn’t functioning well, your car might not be able to shift gears. That, of course, can leave you stranded in places you would rather not be. Fortunately, before your car’s transmission quits altogether, it will usually give you certain warning signs you need to contract for transmission repair in Madison. Here are four of them.

1. Your Transmission Slips

One of the first signs a car’s transmission is having problems is failure to engage properly. If your car seems to slip instead of changing gears, you might lose power when you most need it. As you might suspect, that can be a real problem. Thus, if your car’s transmission doesn’t respond, you might consider shopping for rebuilt transmissions.

2. Your Transmission Smells

Before searching for wholesale transmissions for sale, you should know whether your transmission is salvageable. If you smell a bad odor, it might not be. When transmissions die, they often expel the aroma of burning rubber or metal. Thus, if you smell something bad, you probably want to schedule a transmission inspection before yours quits entirely.

3. Your Warning Light Illuminates

Your vehicle’s check engine light can alert you to a variety of problems under your hood. While an illuminated light might have nothing to do with your transmission, it could be trying to warn you of imminent gear problems. Thus, try not to ignore your warning light. Instead, work with a skilled mechanic to determine why the indicator is on.

4. Your Gears Grind

If you hear a metallic, grinding sound coming from your car, your transmission might be fighting for its life. As you probably know, your transmission should function without making much noise at all. If it does, schedule a transmission inspection as soon as you can.

By watching for some warning signs, you can probably know when you need to schedule transmission repair in Madison. For a skilled inspection of your car’s transmission service, consider collaborating with the specialists at Trans Works Transmission LLC.

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