Who Should Use a Personal Cooling System?

A personal cooling system can be an ideal solution on a hot summer’s day. Whether you have air conditioning in your home and/or your car, there are instances where you need to cool down fast. Everyone’s ‘thermostat’ is unique; that is, one person could be comfortable, while another person in the same room may too hot or too cold. This is especially true in the summer months, when air conditioning units run almost constantly. Also, if you have a certain medical condition, you may be more susceptible to heat and humidity. Here are just a few reasons that you may want your own personal system:

    Heart disease: If you suffer from any kind of heart condition, heat and humidity can make it extremely hard to breathe, as your oxygen levels drop. A personal fan will help keep you cool, and help steady your breathing.

*     Breathing problems: Asthma and other lung conditions can also make it hard to breathe, not just when it’s hot, but during certain times of the day, depending on your activity.

    Menopause: Hot flashes are one of the most common symptoms of menopause and having a fan to cool you down can lessen the extent of these flashes.

*     Working Out: The purpose of exercise is to work up a good sweat; but it can be extremely uncomfortable. Keeping yourself cool during or after a workout can make the session easier to get through.

    In the car: Stuck in traffic? It’s not wise to have your air conditioning running if you’re car isn’t moving. A personal fan can help keep you cool until the traffic clears.

A personal cooling system can help keep you comfortable and healthy without bothering others around you. They can easily be recharged and ready when you are. Some are even compatible with your smart phone.

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