4 Subtle Signs You Need Home A/C Repair in Moreno Valley ,CA

The summer months in Moreno Valley can be brutal, meaning your home’s air conditioning system has to work extra hard. Unfortunately, an over-stressed air conditioner can lead to more frequent breakdowns, and the warning signs your unit is struggling aren’t always obvious. Here are some of the subtle signs your system isn’t working properly and you need professional A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA.

Your Utility Bills are Increasing

If you’ve notice an unexplained increase in your utility bills, your air conditioner could be to blame. If your system is experiencing problems, it runs less efficiently. This loss of efficiency means you’ll see a spike in your energy costs because your unit is working twice as hard to keep the home cool. It’s best to call a service technician to give your system a thorough check-up.

Strange Noises Outside

Many people don’t give much thought to the outside portion of their cooling unit, called the condenser. Still, the outdoor unit can experience all kinds of problems because it’s exposed to the elements. Usually, the first signs of trouble will be strange noises. If you hear grinding, whining or clanking noises coming from your condenser, it’s time to call the pros for A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA. Your condenser could have been damaged by the elements, or it could be clogged with debris like sticks and leaves.

Reduced Airflow from Vents

Put your hand up to a vent in your home. Can you easily feel the air coming through? Is the air cool, not room temperature? If the answer to these questions is no, it’s definitely time for A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA. Usually, this means the indoor evaporator coil has frozen. Check your indoor unit for excessive condensation and ice build up. Turn off your system to let it thaw, and call a service technician right away.

Your System Doesn’t Shut Off

If your air conditioning system keeps running even after it’s reached the temperature on the thermostat, you’ll probably need A/C Repair in Moreno Valley CA. A unit that runs continuously is usually a sign that there’s a faulty mechanism somewhere in your thermostat. Sometimes, the issue can be more severe. In any case, call in a pro for help diagnosing the problem.

The signs your air conditioner is struggling aren’t always obvious. If you notice any of these problems, call a professional heating and air service technician right away.

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