The Process of Pumping Septic Tank in West Milford NJ

The homes whose sewage system does not connect to the municipal waste management system have to get a separate septic tank system for bathroom waste management. A tank will serve you for an average of five to ten years before you need to pump it. However, there are things that can lead to the tank filling up before the recommended period has ended. Some of the things that cause this include death of the aerobic bacteria that helps the decomposition process, and clogging of the tank filters. Whatever the cause of the tank issues, you will need the help of an expert in Pumping Septic Tank West Milford NJ.

Signs of an overflowing septic tank

There are various things that can act as an indicator that your tank is not working the way it is supposed to. Here are some of those telltale signs:

1. When the wastes from the bathroom keep backing up to the house.
2. When the toilets no longer flush properly.
3. In case there are wastes flooding the yard.
4. When there is a foul smell coming from the direction of the septic tank.

These are just a few of the things that should be an indication that you need to call in a plumber for the Pumping Septic Tank West Milford NJ process.

The pumping process

Once it has been established that the sludge level in the tank is above what is recommended, the plumbers will schedule Pumping Septic Tank West Milford NJ. This process should be handled by professionals. They will know the appropriate protective clothes to wear in order to minimize the risk of contamination, and gas poisoning.

The surface of the sludge will be broken using a stick or other long pipe. This will allow the suction pump access to the sludge. The suction pump will be attached to the tank, and all the waste will be suctioned off.

After Pumping Septic Tank West Milford NJ, the experts will clean the filter and the entire tank. In case the poor decomposition was caused by bacterial death, it will be a great idea to introduce some artificial bacteria to help restart the process. Visit Webiste for details about the process.

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