4 Things to Tell Your Human Resources Executive Search Firm

Using a Human Resources executive search firm to help fill your top HR positions is a wise business decision. A specialized HR recruiting firm will have fast access to all the top talent in the industry to ensure your position gets top priority and is filled in a hurry.

To make the process work effectively, there are some items you’ll need to share with your recruiting representative that go above and beyond the information found on your job description. Here is some important information you should share.

1. Special working conditions – it may be important to you to hire an HR executive with a background of working in the same industry, due to special working conditions. For example, if you work in an industry that manages hazardous waste, you may want an executive with experience in dealing with the Environmental Health and Safety organization in addition to general human resources experience.

2. Special Leadership Traits – Some companies require particular leadership experience or traits of all their executives. If your company, for example, operates under Six Sigma principles, you may need a human resources executive who has managed under these principles previously.

3. Corporate Culture – Every company has its own internal culture. It’s best to identify yours and share it with your recruiting firm at the beginning of your relationship. It’s likely that many candidates can satisfy your list of requirements when it comes to skill and experience, but if you can find one that will fit in well in your corporate culture, you’re assured of a good hire.

4. What You’d Change About Your Last Executive – Even if the last holder of the position for which you’re hiring was a superstar, there are probably some things you’d change to create the perfect candidate. Sharing the struggles of the last candidate in the position, even if there were just a few, can help you find the best fit now.

Your Human Resources executive search firm is your partner in finding the perfect match for your open position. The more detail you can share about your company, the position and your wish list of a perfect candidate, the more your agency can help you find the right person in a hurry. Take the time to give your recruiter all the information he or she needs to do their very best job for you.

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