When Should You See An Orthodontist?

Crooked teeth can be embarrassing, even the happiest people will often cover their mouth when they laugh or smile in an effort to hide their teeth. This is when it is time to see an orthodontist.

An orthodontist in Bloomingdale is a dental specialist that can make teeth move into their ideal position, within a matter of months; crooked and misaligned teeth can be perfectly straight, resulting in a healthy, beautiful smile.

What does an orthodontist do?

The task of an orthodontist is to improve your bite by straightening and aligning your teeth properly. The orthodontist uses dental appliances such as braces, invisible aligners and retainers as well as other more complex appliances for more complex cases.

Orthodontics is a dental specialty, many general dentists refer patients refer patients to an orthodontist much the way medical GPs refer patients to specialists.

Why see an orthodontist?

People have a tendency to think of an orthodontist as someone that straightens teeth, this is true of course but the most important role of an orthodontist in Bloomingdale is ensuring the teeth meet properly once the appliance has been removed and the treatment is completed.

Teeth that are not aligned properly can easily lead to tooth decay and gum disease simply because routine oral care is difficult, teeth which overlap can be hard to clean.

When to first see an orthodontist:

There is no right or wrong time to see an orthodontist. It is suggested that children visit when they are about seven even if there appears to be no problems. Adults can make their first visit at any time and with the advent of invisible aligners more and more adults are arranging for orthodontics.

If it is seen that orthodontic care can correct a problem, every case is considered separately. Typically, treatment lasts from one to three years.

If your teeth are crooked, causing you embarrassment as well as trouble eating and speaking you will need to see an orthodontist in Bloomingdale. You are invited to make an early reservation with Pure Dental Spa online at www.puredentalspa.com/orthodontist

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