4 Tips for Beginning Your Career in the Church Leadership

We offer a full roster of career advising, options for both graduate studies and preparation for jobs outside of graduate studies, and preparation for the world of Christian leadership outside the classroom setting. To help you get started, here are
four tips about how to start your career in the church.

We offer ample opportunities for individuals wishing to go into leadership roles within Christian ministry at SCU’s Christian Leadership Academy with a full description available. If you’re interested in instruction not only academically, but also coaching about how to plan your future career, then SCU is the place for you.

1. Be Ready to Inspire

Whether you’re charismatic and have a talent for sparking inspiration in other people, or you’d prefer to work behind the curtain to serve in a different way, you should always be ready to inspire with your devotion. Desiring God discusses leadership work in the church in different ways, both secular and in the ministry, highlighting that regardless of your role, the core goal is to make God look great.

2. Be Open to Diverse Roles

Although you may feel an attraction to preaching to a congregation, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen. Just like the secular world of employment, searching for jobs within the Christian ministry is similar. There will be certain opportunities that arise at different times, and you may not be able to find your ideal role.

Nonetheless, the most important aspect of work in the church is a dedication and service to God. As you embark on a new career, it’s essential to remember this.

3. Be Committed to Christian Values

If SCU seems like a good fit to you, then make sure you review the Articles of Faith and the principles to which we adhere. There are many interpretations of the Christian scripture out there, so you’ll want to make sure that SCU is the right fit for you. A Community Church near Roseville CA offers a strong commitment to belief in the Godhead.

4. Balance Personal and Professional Goals

There is a practical side to pursuing higher education when it comes to work in the Christian church, and that is establishing a plan for after graduation. This is especially relevant if you’re studying online and already have a full roster of commitments. SCU provides expert career counseling and assistance in forming a plan for after you complete your studies.

Learn more about our different educational opportunities and admission requirements today, and start on the path to following your ambitions and God’s calling.

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