An Introduction To Social Security Disability

by | May 17, 2016 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) is a federal government program that pays a monthly amount to those that are physically or mentally disabled and unable to perform any gainful activity.

How to qualify for SSDI:

To be considered for benefits you must have paid Social Security tax (FICA), the tax must have been paid for a specific number of years. The system is based on “work credits,” it is possible to earn a maximum of four credits in any given year. The number of credits that you must have accrued to be considered for SSDI differs based on the age you were when you first became disabled. If you have not worked long enough to qualify for SSDI there is another program called SSI (Supplemental Security Income). It is highly recommended that you discuss the details with a knowledgeable disability lawyer in Oak Ridge.

Medical eligibility:

As well as having the appropriate number of work credits you must have a specific medical condition that meets the criteria as laid down by the Social Security Administration, not only must the disability be on the approved list, the condition must be expected to last for more than a year or result in death.

Approval of benefits:

Even though you might think you meet all the eligibility requirements there is a good chance your application will be denied, this is why having a seasoned disability lawyer in Oak Ridge is so important.

If you are eventually approved, and this usually comes after you and your lawyer have attended a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, you will receive benefits. The entire appeals process can take upwards of a year; when you are finally approved you will receive back pay that starts six months after the onset date of your disability. Contact Law Office of Miller Drozdowski at Follow us on google+.

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