Electronic dance music or EDM what music enthusiasts commonly call it has been climbing up the ladder of popularity for the past few years. The beats of EDM are widely preferred over other forms of music in nightclubs, festivals and at other occasions of celebration. EDM is generally produced for playback by disc jockeys (DJs) who choose over a wide variety of tracks and mix them. EDM producers perform this live at concerts and festivals. Numerous EDM genres have evolved over the last four decades. Electro, techno, house, trance, drum, and bass are some of them. Hybridization, where genres of entirely different types are fused together to give birth to an entirely new genre. A skilled DJ is one who knows the hybridization well, and this can be learned by going to a music production college.


1. Around 55% of EDM lover are men and remaining 45% are women. This is the proof of the fact that EDM is popular among all types of gender.

2. One of the least-known electronic music facts is that it owes a lot of its widespread commercial success to Afro-Caribbean culture. Dub music emerged from reggae vinyl records that were remixed and re-engineered to emphasize the drum and bass tracks so that they could be enjoyed by dance club audiences.

3. Electronic music is an American invention just like blues, jazz, and salsa, but initial success was achieved abroad. In fact, 63% of the total people listening to EDM are Americans. The 29% being Hispanics, 13% are African, and 17% are Asian. The remaining 17% constitutes of other races.

4. Dopamine which is the chemical that makes you feel happy is proven to be released when listening to music you love. This is the reason why electronic music scenes have been gaining a study momentum in recent years.

5. Studies have found out that dancing reduces the medical disorder of Dementia. Dancing reduces the risk of Dementia by 76%. Following intricate movements and adaptive steps keep your brain active.


EDM is like a piece of music that doesn’t need a prescription to consume. All you need is to pick those headphones up and dance to those beats. It is a normal desire of a music lover to indulge in its learning process. Music production college nowadays trains you to create the thing you love.

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