The Dj operating course is an easy thing to do, but the real difficulty lies in making a career in that field. The word ‘career’ here implies a successful career where you will earn a handsome income and become a famous person in this industry.

Well, the term DJ is not new to all of us. We have known DJ’s since ages and love to dance in their tracks. A dj is the one person responsible for setting the mood in a club with his groovy beats and tunes. He dominates the energy of the people presents there.

What are things involved in DJ operating?

When we hear the word ‘Dj,’ all that we can imagine is a person behind the disk playing some fantastic music. This is only a partial picture; we never get to see the other part of him where he mixes those tracks using different software programs and technologies. The music that we hear is the final output; DJ operating is far more than this.

Once you get trained in Djing skills the next step is to apply those skills.

The first thing you can do here exploring different software platforms. There are three main software products used here — The Rekorbox, Serato DJ Pro and Tractor Pro. There is also an option called Virtual Dj which is among the most downloaded software products. Others include djay Pro, Mixx, and Mixvibes CrossDj.

You must also be good at necessary Dj skills such as Beatmatching, Phrasing, Controlling the gain, EQing, etc. These basic skills will earn you great knowledge about this field.

Along with software, you also need a set of essential hardware useful here, which include Dj Controller Setup, CDJ Setup, Vinyl Setup, and Timecode and HID Setups, etc.

After having a thorough knowledge of all the hardware and software’s one can start the mixing. Here, you can try out something creative and new. Experimenting will always work here.

The next and the most important thing to do is to promote your work on social media and let other people know about it.

Hence, overall DJ operating is not only about music but music, technology and lots of hard work.

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