5 Things To Do After A Car Accident To Avoid Jeopardizing Your Insurance Claim: Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia

Car accidents are scary, stressful, and can cause significant financial issues if not dealt with properly. Whether an accident is major or minor, there are several steps that should be taken to protect your rights. Here are seven things to do after a car accident.

Stay at the scene and practice safety.

Never leave the scene of an accident. Not only is this a crime in some jurisdictions, but it can also create issues when filing an insurance claim. Even if the damage is minimal, stay at the scene until officers arrive. There are roadside emergency kits with things like reflective cones, emergency blankets, and flares to keep the scene safe in case of an accident.

Report the accident to the police.

Always call the police to report an accident immediately. The responding officer will create a report and a give a report number to all parties involved for insurance claim purposes. The police should obtain and exchange information among everyone including names address, and phone numbers of everyone, including passengers and witnesses. Officers might ask about any injuries and it’s wise to say that you’re unsure instead of saying no. Accident injuries are not always obvious until days later.

Take pictures of the scene and gather information.Ask to see the insurance cards for all vehicles involved and write down the information if the police do not do so. When it’s safe, it’s wise to take pictures. Pictures should include damage to the vehicles and any visible bodily injuries. Relay all of this information, including pictures, to your Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia.

Notify the insurance company.

Let the insurance company know as soon as possible. Ask about whether or not there are any medical benefits included in your coverage. Before giving a statement, consult with a Personal Injury Attorney in Olympia.

Seek medical care.Even if it may not seem as though there are obvious injuries, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pain from an automobile accident is not always readily apparent and can show up hours to days after the incident. Go to the local emergency room or meet with a primary care doctor to get checked out.

When in a car accident, it’s important to protect your rights. Using the steps above, you can reduce the stress associated with a car accident and increase your chances of filing a successful claim and receiving compensation for any injuries.

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