5 Tips to Popping Those Dents Out

Car repair costs can take a chunk out of your happy funds. If you want to save up on those car repair costs, try repairing the hail damage on your ride, DIY style.

Tip 1: Take Advantage of Sunny Weather

If you’ve got sunny weather where you live, then Do It Yourself suggests parking your car right where it’s wholly exposed to the sun. It’s a common enough technique. As the heat thaws out your car parts, it can cause some parts in your car’s body to expand. This helps the dents pop out, leaving your car dent-free. Just make sure you take proper steps to protect your interiors. Cover your windows to block off the UV rays so your interiors won’t fade. It’ll also keep the heat from seeping into your car’s cabin.

Tip 2: Use Hot water

This basically follows the same principle as tip number one. If it’s not sunny weather in your part of the world, you can induce the same effect by pouring hot water over the dents until they expand and pop out. This can be easier instead of waiting for an entire morning to see if the dents pop out after parking your car in a warm, sunny spot.

Tip 3: Use a Hair Dryer

Yep, it’s another variation on the ‘warm the dent until it pops’ method. Just aim the hair dryer towards the dent and wait. Go with two-minute intervals. And keep in mind never to let the lip of the dryer touch your car. The heat could deal some irreversible damage so you end up with more problems than the dents you originally started with.

Tip 4: Use Dry Ice

You could also give dry ice a try. Put a block of dry ice to the surface. Leave it in place for two minutes and see if the frost has taken. Then use the hair dryer again. By coating the surface with frost, you can boost the heat expansion that happens when you turn on the hair dyer.

Tip 5: Hire a Pro

These DIY tips might not work for really complicated dents, though. So if that’s what you have on your hands, better to call in help from the experts. Find a reliable hail damage repair service in Denver as soon as you can. Check the Better Business Bureau to make you’re dealing with legit pros.

DIY solutions are handy. But for more complex dent repair jobs, it might be much better to go with a pro.

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