Herbal Vaporizer Pens – The Right Tools

There is something to be said for having the right tools on board when you need them. For example, herbal vaporizer pens can make life so much simpler but more importantly they can help to protect your health. Combustion is the act of setting something on fire and then inhaling the byproduct of the fire (smoke). Unfortunately, combustion also produces harmful chemicals that has been linked to some very serious diseases. Herbal vaporizer pens do not rely on combustion to heat the herb to a smoldering temperature. The heat is there but it is not in the form of fire that burns everything to a crisp that can release toxins.

Exhaust Pipe?
Smoking ANYTHING is like sticking your mouth on the exhaust pipe of a car and breathing. Combustion causes chemicals like carbon monoxide to form. The burning of the herb in a combustion situation does the same thing as the engine on a car of course not quite as dramatically but still the same idea. If you would not consider sucking in on an exhaust pipe than you probably should be using herbal vaporizer pens to get your daily dose. You do not have to worry about:

  • Tar from combustion
  • Breathing in toxic byproducts from the combustion
  • You get a higher concentration of the herb

There was a long held back and forth battle between people that smoked cigarettes and people that smoked other things that one was worse than the other for the lungs. The reality is no matter what you are “smoking” you are breathing in smoke and putting your lungs to the test. Tar is a byproduct of combustion. Carbon is a byproduct and other chemicals can also be a byproduct. All really bad stuff. Tar sticks to the hairs in your lungs no matter what you are smoking and reduces the effectiveness of your lung capacity. Vaporizing does not. Of course there is also the argument that you get a higher concentration when your vaporizer therefore you use less. You make better use of the stash that you have when you use herbal vaporizer pens than if you smoked in a traditional flame to herb manner.

If you could remove all the negatives from herb by using the right tool to dose than there would be no negatives. A vaporizer pen removes all of the negatives and all you are left with are all the positives. It is the perfect tool.

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