6 Reasons to Schedule an Inspection By a Commercial Roofing Company in Parkville MO

Most business owners take their roofs for granted, and they rarely think of them unless something is wrong. However, just as the human body requires regular checkups, commercial roofs need regular inspections and maintenance to last as long as possible. Here are a few reasons to get regular inspections from a Commercial Roofing Company in Parkville MO.

Maintenance-Related Damage

In many instances, HVAC units are installed on the roof. These units frequently need service, as do other mechanical components. When maintenance people work on the roof, they bring not only their weight, but they also bring debris and heavy equipment. Regular roof inspections can catch maintenance-related damage before it causes a real problem.


Just as with humans, age takes its toll on commercial roofs. Weathering from the elements, debris, and animals causes all sorts of wear and tear. With an inspection, a business owner can catch this type of gradual damage and resolve it, extending the roof’s life.

Storm Damage

In the recent past, incredibly powerful storms have caused serious damage to local roofs. If a business’ roof has been damaged by a storm, it should be inspected as soon as possible. Leaks are fairly easy to spot, and they should be fixed before they cause serious water damage.

Drainage Issues

Proper drainage is crucial to a commercial roof’s overall health. With regular inspections from a Commercial Roofing Company in Parkville MO, owners will ensure the drainage system’s continued function.


On commercial buildings, regular roofing inspections will help owners catch unlocked skylights and hatches before they give thieves an easy way in.

Warranty Coverage

Professional roofers and materials manufacturers typically offer warranties on their parts and workmanship. Without regular inspections, owners never know when damage has occurred, nor when to file a warranty claim.

Schedule an Inspection Today

Establishing a regular inspection schedule should be a top priority for all business owners. Professional roofers have a checklist that ensures the inspection of all the above items, and that list will also help the business owner prepare a maintenance and repair budget. Get more information on the website or call today to schedule a detailed inspection.

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