Polypropylene Injection Molding: Safe In A Wide Range Of Applications

In 1951, two scientists, Paul Hogan and Robert Banks working at Phillips discovered Polypropylene (PP). Later, Italian chemist, Professor Giulio Natta, and German scientist Karl Rehn perfected the process. By 1957, this thermoplastic had seized the commercial markets. Production increased until it became one of the most popular plastics in production. Polypropylene injection molding is one way manufacturers employ to produce a variety of components for industrial and residential usage.


PP is praised and valued for its qualities. A versatile material, molders find a standard screw molder suffices. But, why do companies use polypropylene injection molding? The reasons are many. PP molding benefits reflect the nature of PP, itself including:

  • Toughness including excellent impact strength
  • Versatility
  • Low specific gravity
  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Mold in or “living hinge” capabilities
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Food and medical grades
  • Chemical resistance
  • Low cost

Companies realize the value of PP. Its qualities of strength and its low cost make it a valuable resource. They also result in applications in a variety of industrial products.


The qualities of PP make it useful and safe in a wide range of household and industrial applications. PP molding produces such items as:

  • Automotive products
  • Hardware
  • Household goods, e.g., Appliances, dishwasher-safe food containers, and cups
  • Marine Medical equipment/instruments, e.g., autoclavable labware
  • Power tools
  • RV products
  • Special devices including “living hinges” for non-load-bearing applications such as the lid on a bottle of ketchup or shampoo
  • Sporting goods
  • Storage containers
  • Toys

Polypropylene Injection Molding

PP is an excellent is a synthetic utilized by manufacturers to produce a wide range of consumer and industrial products. Whether the need is for a cheap toy or a high-end medical instrument, PP responds positively. Its toughness, durability and low cost make polypropylene injection molding the perfect means of achieving quality results in the jobs it takes on.

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