A Berwyn Personal Injury Lawyer Can Fight For the Compensation You Deserve

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Lawyers

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A personal injury you suffer at the hands of another party can potentially change the rest of your life. These injuries can occur due to such occurrences as a vehicular accident, medical malpractice or workplace slip and fall. Regardless of the situation or cause, such an injury may leave you with physical impairment and scars that are hard to overcome. Some of the normal activities you are used to engaging it may become cumbersome of impossible to perform. It is in these cases, where you may benefit from the dedicated representation offered by a Berwyn personal injury lawyer.

Pain and Suffering
Regarding physical pain and suffering, a personal injury may bring about a variety of debilitating results, including stiffness, acute pain, soreness, tenderness, numbness, aching, tingling and more. Other physical limitation can occur as well, inhibiting your range of motion. For instance, whiplash may leave you somewhat immobilized in your neck area for an extended period of time as you recover.

Legal Valuation of Pain and Suffering
In order to properly value the level of pain and suffering experienced by an individual in a personal injury case, the jury may be asked by the judge to use their good sense and experience to ultimately help determine any possible fair compensation. A Berwyn personal injury lawyer can help plaintiffs accumulate evidence with that can affect the valuation of their case. Valuation may be decided based on:

  • Photos of the injuries
  • Limitations placed on the plaintiff due to medical treatment
  • Record of prescription and over-the-counter medications purchased
  • Verified occurrences of limited ability to participate in activities around the home and at work
  • Records of the plaintiff missing social obligations due to pain and suffering
  • A daily journal that describes difficult situations resulting from the injury

Some judges in personal injury cases may award the amount of compensation based on a multiplier of lost medical expenses and earnings. This multiplier is applied to the special damages category of the case and may range between 1.5 and 4. This means a plaintiff may receive 150 to 400 percent of the total cost of the special damages arising from the case. It’s important to utilize the services of an experience Berwyn personal injury lawyer to provide you with solid and effective legal representation in your case.

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