Potential Problems With Dental Crowns

As wonderful and life-changing and dental crowns can be there are some risks and potential problems people can experience after having crown work done. It is important to know about these drawbacks so you can prepare for the rare event that they happen do you after having dental crowns in York ON placed.

Discomfort or sensitivity. After the crow has been installed the gums and the tooth that has been crowned may be more sensitive than before. Extreme heat and cold may bother it and while this usually subsides once your body is use to the crown in some rare cases the sensitivity may be permanent.

Chipped crown. Crowns are made of a white porcelain material that can sometimes chip. Small chips can temporarily be fixed with a composite filling but the crown will eventually need to be replaced as the chip weakens the entire crown. For extensive chipping or cracks, the crown must be immediately replaced.

Loose crown. On rare occasions the cement bonding that holds the crown to the tooth and gum can wash and fade away. This will weaken the hold of the crown causing it to become lose and eventually fall off.

Allergic reaction. The mixture used to create crowns and to attach them to the teeth often contain a variety of metals some people end up having an allergic reaction to the crown. The severity and type of reaction depends on how sensitive they are and how much of the material was used in the crown’s construction.

Discoloration. Some discoloration can happen, usually where the gums and the crown meet. This discoloration is usually permanent and a new crown will need to be made in order to correct the issue.

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