A Closer Look at The Subaru WRX

Subaru has long been a car manufacturer known for quality, safe vehicles. Originally the styles of the Subaru vehicles were more closely aligned with wagons, but today’s line of Subaru models include crossover SUVs, rugged Foresters, and the sleek, stylish designs of the Subaru WRX in Newark, NJ.
The WRX is classed as a sport compact vehicle, and it provides exceptional performance as an all-wheel drive vehicle. This car has a true racing and performance look. It is a standalone model in the line since 2012. Prior to 2012, the WRX was based on the Impreza, which is another exceptional vehicle in the line.

These are not common vehicles in the Newark, NJ, area, which is why they create a stir when you see one out on the road. They offer three different trim levels, the base, premium, and limited, with different options and features available at each level.

Benefits in Driving the WRX

The Subaru WRX gets top marks as a fun vehicle to drive. It is sporty and designed for cornering and drivability, while the all-wheel drive provides lots of traction for a windy road in and around Newark, NJ.

The interior is large and roomy, with space in both the front and rear seats to easily seat four adults. The detail in the cabin is exceptional, and different trims offer various features over the base model. Visibility is exceptional in this vehicle. The range of features offered for safety and driver assist makes it a very safe car on the road.

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