Head Out in Style in A New Nissan Rogue

Anyone driving around Newark, NJ, will notice the overwhelming number of vehicles on the road, either in the city or on the highway, are SUVs. In particular, the crossover SUVs are a popular choice, offering cargo space, passenger room, and a comfortable ride.

One of the most popular options in this vehicle style is the Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ. The 2021 model offers several upgrades and changes to features that make it a top choice in a mid-sized SUV.

Trims and Options

There are four different options in trims with the Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ. As with all makes and models, each trim level adds features and options, allowing the buyer to choose the features and the pricing that fits with their budget and driving needs.

One of the design features through the entire line of Rogue models is attention to detail in the interior as well as the exterior. This SUV has a definitive style and offers comfort in the passenger cabin that is exceptional for the class.

When it comes to cargo space, the Nissan Rogue in Newark, NJ offers 74.1 cubic feet. It is roomy, with additional legroom and headroom in the rear seats that make it a very comfortable vehicle for passengers.

In addition, the Rogue offers Newark, NJ, drivers with a range of driver assist and safety features. Blind-spot mirrors, adaptive cruise control, rear cross-traffic alerts, and fully automatic rear braking are standard on all models, which is not the case with comparable makes and models on the market.

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