A Dentist in Kohala Stresses to Patients That Oral and Physical Health Are Equally Important

Taking good care of your teeth and gums should not only be the responsibility of your Dentist in Kohala. It is surprising how many individuals are unaware of the fact that their oral health can greatly affect their overall health. The mouth is a feeding ground for bacteria, and when it is not properly handled, it can begin to affect other parts of the body. That is why dental professionals are always talking to their patients about the importance of making an appointment at least twice per year.

Oral and Physical Health Are Connected

When conditions of your body begin to change, you should not always assume that it’s your physical health. Just as your oral healthy can be affected by physical conditions and diseases, your physical well being could also be greatly affected by the condition of your oral health.

For example, heart disease such as clogged arteries and strokes can be linked to bad oral health. Someone with periodontal disease that is not properly treated could end up sparking heart issues. Even if you don’t have a history of heart conditions in your family, the bacteria present in your mouth from gum disease could allow the bacteria to enter your body. Another common condition such as diabetes can cause complications with your oral health. Since diabetes can greatly decrease the body’s ability to fight off infections, this could begin to affect the bones and gums in your mouth.

What You Can Do to Change

Adapting better habits when it comes to your oral health is important. Talk to your Dentist in Kohala about what you can do differently to prevent further complications with your health. Some advice they might provide includes: brushing and flossing your teeth regularly, replacing your toothbrush often, watch what you eat, contact your dentist if there is a problem, and keep your bi-annual appointments for cleanings and x-rays. Visit their website at www.bkubodds.com for more details.

There is really not a huge difference in your oral and physical health. As you can see, they are closely related which is why it is important to begin now in making better choices. For more information on your current oral health or to learn new ways of caring for your teeth and gums, schedule a consultation with Brian S. Kubo DDS of Kohala.


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