What Should You Consider as You Go in for Window Tinting in Wichita KS

For some, tinting windows should be left to individuals looking to remain anonymous or teenagers. However, the window tinting in Wichita KS process plays a very crucial role in the protection of you and your vehicle from the sun’s damaging rays. The film used in tinting windows is called a polyester substrate that is also scratch resistant on one side and has clear mounting adhesive on the other. While having your tinted windows installation, several factors come into play.

More About Window Tinting
Window film usage was first introduced in 1960. Since then, the window tinting market has been rapidly expanding, and today, various shades and colors are available. The two primary tinting windows available are the conventional non-reflective films and the reflective surfaces, which are also called metallic performance films. Window tinting is available in many colors such as amber, gold, gray and bronze.

Benefits of Window Tinting
The benefits accrued from window tinting are numerous, they include:

1. Tinted windows have the ability to block out 65% of the sun’s heat

2. The window tint also blocks about 99.9% of the damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays

3. Tints also help protect the upholstery and interior of your vehicle

4. Window tints protect your eyes from eyestrain and glare

5. The tints provide protection to your skin from sun damage

6. Window films hold you vehicle glass together should it get shattered

Considerations While Choosing the Right Window Tint
As you choose the best window tint for your car, you need to consider the legal framework in regards to window tints. Different states in the U.S. have different laws when it comes to the window tinting. Other countries have even outlawed window tinting due to public safety.

While some states allow window tinting of all windows in your vehicle, as long as you have side mirrors, others do not allow tinting of the front windows and windshield. The tint’s darkness is also legislated. The darkness is measured in terms of Visible Light Transmission percentage (VLT %), and it is the percentage of the light able to make it through tint.

For window tinting Wichita KS services, consult the experts at Northstar Comfort Services, and they will help you choose the best shade for your vehicle. The experts will also help you understand the law on window tinting. Click here for more information.

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