A Few Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Coming up with the right type of fundraising ideas for your favorite charity or nonprofit could become a challenging experience. One has to take into account issues such as your budget, donor reception and the amount of time required.

Sometimes you might need to raise a relatively small amount for a special project very quickly, while at other times you need a regular inflow of money over a longer period of time. Door to door sales can be a great option, but you can also combine them with fundraisers that include direct sales to visitors at the big attraction events.


When choosing a time and location for your walkathon, stay away from extreme weather periods such as mid-winter or peak summer months. Also, avoid terrain that might be too difficult for your average supporter – and arrange a backup location should something unforeseen happen.

Chili Cook-off

This is a great fundraising idea to bring the community together having fun and enjoying great food. Simply contact the best chili chefs in your area and ask them to prepare a pot of their favorite stew. Then sell tickets to community members who want to taste each one!

Silent Auction

Ask individuals and businesses in your area to donate items such as signed memorabilia, restaurant gift cards, gift baskets or lessons from a professional. If someone should donate something of real value, you could raise a large amount of money in this way.

Add Value

The extra feature to add to any fundraiser is a sales table. This is a wonderful way to tie in the theme of the event with practical and fun items. For walkathons consider backpacks and tote bags, for the chili cook-off go with kitchen gadgets and for the silent auction add a mixture of fun items for the kitchen, home and as personal accessories.

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