Top Reasons To Use In-House EMC Testing Equipment

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) producing anything with an electronic component or as a stand-alone electronic product, you may have been in the habit of sending your component or device away from EMC testing.

There are a number of labs and testing facilities across the country that complete EMC testing. Some of these labs and testing companies are able to provide relatively short turnaround times for testing but is still the cost of the testing and the cost of shipping that needs to be considered.

A better option is to have in-house EMC testing equipment. This saves the cost of shipping, allows you to test immediately and as often as needed, while at the same time reducing costs dramatically.

Rent Don’t Buy

Often the argument is made that buying EMC testing equipment is not cost effective as the equipment, even if not in use, has to be maintained, updated and repaired and replaced to keep up with current testing standards and testing requirements.

All of this is true, which is why renting EMC test equipment is the smartest option. This provides you with cutting edge equipment, the latest in software and testing features as well as a low-cost option to sending out to testing labs or making a purchase.

Get Support With Equipment Choices

When renting, you have the ability to choose different EMC testing equipment models and types based on your specific needs. This builds in flexibility to do the in-house testing you require without having a large outlay in buying more equipment.

Some rental companies provide both short and long term rentals, so it is a good idea to know what types of tests you need and how long you anticipate a need for the equipment. By knowing the testing schedule, you can stay within your budget while still completing all tests required.

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