A Furnace in Denver Needs to Be Serviced Once a Year

Colorado winters can get very cold and people depend on their furnace in Denver to keep them warm. If they find that it’s taking a lot longer for the house to heat up after the furnace comes on, then it probably needs to be serviced. They can call a local furnace repair company to schedule a service call. The technician will probably find there there is a lot of dirt on the inside of the furnace, especially around the burner. This prevents the flames from burning at maximum capacity. He will thoroughly scrub the inside of the furnace and around the burner to solve the problem. Not only will the house feel warmer, the furnace will use less fuel.

Almost all furnace manufacturers require that a furnace be serviced at least once a year. This will maintain the warranty and keep it working efficiently to minimize fuel costs. Regular maintenance also makes a furnace last as long as possible. A well-managed furnace repair company has a detailed checklist that technicians must use. This ensures that they look at every part of the furnace and even the chimney. The motor and all of its belts should be inspected and oiled. If there are any signs of wear, they should be replaced. All of the hoses and pipes that lead into and out of the furnace should be checked for leaks. The inside and outside of the furnace should be cleaned.

The technician will also clean permanent air filters or replaced disposable ones. While the technician does this as part of the annual service call, the homeowner should also know how to perform this task. During the peak heating season, filters should be changed at least once a month. This is even more important if anyone in the home suffers from respiratory problems such as asthma or COPD.

If a furnace does break down, it’s reassuring for the homeowner to know who to call at 2 am. During the winter, a Denver home could freeze if the furnace isn’t repaired quickly. The staff at Now Heating and Air are committed to responding quickly at any time. They have been helping homeowners in these circumstances for many years.

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