When Should You See the Dentist in Lafayette LA for a Toothache?

There are many reasons you may experience tooth pain. Minor spells of tooth pain can be common and have no apparent reason. If your pain is ongoing, it is important the cause is found. Through a thorough examination, the Dentist in Lafayette LA can find the cause of your tooth pain, so it can be properly treated. Through this information, you will learn more about the different causes of tooth pain, so you will know when you should contact your dentist for care.

1. Cavities are typically one of the most common reasons people experience tooth pain. When cavities begin, they may not exhibit any symptoms at all. As the cavity progresses, it can begin to eat away at the inner portions of the tooth and cause irritation to the nerve. When this happens, the nerve can become inflamed and cause serious pain that is often difficult to control. If you have severe pain that does not go away or becomes worse, you need to see the dentist right away?

2. Another cause of tooth pain is an infection. Infections in the teeth are called abscesses and should never be ignored. These infections can cause tooth death and can spread to other teeth and the gum tissue. When infection enters the gums, it can sometimes spread to the heart and cause complications that could be serious. If you experience pain, swelling, redness, bleeding, pus drainage and fever, these are classic signs of an infection. See your dentist right away, before the infection worsens.

3. People also experience tooth pain because of injury. When your tooth health has been compromised, it can be more easily damaged. Often, people experience an injury to their tooth while eating and are not aware of it right away. A chipped or cracked tooth can cause your nerve to be exposed, causing you serious pain. The dentist can repair your tooth, so you do not continue to feel pain.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you need a Dentist in Lafayette LA. By visiting Sitename, you can learn how they can care for your teeth and gums, so they stay as healthy as possible.

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