A Major Benefit of Eyelid Plastic Surgery

As individuals grow older, often there are problems with vision that occur. While many of these issues have to do the eye itself, another problem can also cause impaired vision. The problem mentioned has to do with the eyelids stretching and weakened muscles around the eyelids – all of which result in drooping skin that develops below and above the eyelids. This issue can impair the vision of the individual in addition to adding to the appearance of aging.

To solve this problem, a procedure can be employed called eyelid plastic surgery. Grand Rapids patients can find successful results after undergoing eyelid plastic surgery procedure. When the excess skin, fat and muscle that is blocking the field of vision is removed, the patient can once again enjoy clear vision that is not encumbered by obstruction.


The condition called Ptosis occurs when the eyelids sag downward and obstruct the peripheral vision of the person. The person may be able to see straight ahead fine, but the field of vision is blocked due to the excess skin interfering, which can cause a tunnel vision effect. This can present a dangerous situation when driving a vehicle, walking or performing other tasks.

An optometrist is able to perform a visual test on the patient to determine the extent of the visual impairment due to the Ptosis condition. Other treatments may be recommended. However, eyelid plastic surgery may be recommended as well, which is a procedure referred to as blepharoplasty.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure

This procedure is often done by an oculoplastic surgeon or ophthalmologist. It may be covered by insurance if it is considered a medically necessary procedure. The after effect of the procedure may also include a brighter appearance for the eyes in addition to restoration of the formerly hindered lines of sight.

Know Your Surgery and Any Risks

Of course as with any type of surgery it is important to understand the benefits as well as any risks. Any surgery has the possibility of complications. With eyelid plastic surgery, complications such as infection, bleeding, scars or an adverse reaction to anesthetic is a possibility.

There are also risks connected with blepharoplasty that can include slow or unbalanced healing, temporary swelling, blurred vision or acne – and in rarer cases skin over the eyelid, loss of eyelashes or a blot clot formed behind the eyeball. However, these and other concerns hold true for various types of surgery. So simply understand everything you need to know about this and any procedure you consider having done.

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