Ford Edge – For People Who Like to Live on the Edge

Ford has a lot of good options for SUVs, but the Edge can be great for people who like to explore and want the most out of their vehicle. The Edge received its’ name because its’ size in between the Explorer and Escape. Here are some of the great features you can expect when buying a Ford Edge in Bedford Park.


The Edge has received five stars overall for the government crash test. It has side curtain airbags, senses when there is a passenger in the front seat and keeps track of the pressure in each tire. It also comes with a keypad on the drivers’ door for added security. It has antilock brakes and stability control. Most basic models also include a camera to see what is behind your vehicle; this can help with parking and reversing. You can also add features at an extra cost like the blind spot monitoring system and front collision alert system. Some models can even have parking assistant features added, which can be helpful for people that live or work in larger cities where parallel parking is popular.

Engine Power

Many of the Ford Edges come with a two liter four cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged engine. Some of the models have a six-speed automatic transmission, which can also help with gas mileage. The engine can give you 280 horsepower, as well as up to 30 MPG highway and 20 MPG in the city. The turbocharged engine won’t lack in power while still maintaining good gas mileage.

Driving Capabilities

You can choose an all-wheel or front wheel drive Edge. The suspension is great and the vehicle is easy to maneuver and park due to its compact size. The Edge handles well and doesn’t lean at all when you take corners, giving it the feel of driving a sedan. Overall, the Edge would be a great choice for anyone looking to buy a SUV.

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