Advantages and Importance of High Field MRI Options in Riverhead, NY

An MRI is a magnetic resonance imaging, which is a special technique used to create images. High Field MRIs are essentially the same, but they have a stronger magnet, measured in Tesla units. Regular high field MRI options are measured between 0.5 to 1.5 Tesla, though high field MRIs use 3.0 Tesla machines now. Though most doctors in Riverhead, NY don’t consider the magnet measurement, it can be interesting.


This type of scan is important for doctors to look into your body without the need to cut it open or use dyes. Surgery can be an important requirement, but there is no need to have unnecessary surgeries and dyes can cause certain problems to those who are allergic. Radio waves, computers and magnets are used in the MRI scan so that doctors get a clear image of your body, along with soft tissues. Because it is able to see soft tissue, it is a popular option for many diagnoses and treatments. The high field versions found in Riverhead, NY and other areas just means the doctor can see even clearer images than before.


The high-field MRI is used for many purposes, including finding spinal and joint problems. It is also used to diagnose and locate injuries relating to sports, including hip, knee, shoulder, wrist and elbow problems. Since it takes great images that are of better quality, it can also locate tiny injuries and tears.

Many doctors choose to use this scan for coronary, aorta and heart problems, as it is a non-invasive tool and can be used to examine the size and thickness of your heart chambers and find the damage that was caused quickly and efficiently.

Other uses can include scans of the lungs, spleen and examinations of the reproductive organs of men and women. The high-field MRI requires no radiation exposure, so it is often the recommended choice of doctors everywhere.


The biggest advantage to using high-field MRIs is that there is a better resolution of your body’s image. This means that the scan can be used to diagnose even more diseases and problems than ever before. These scans are also quicker than previous MRIs were.

Physiological processes are also shown with a high-field scan. These are very helpful when the brain must be scanned, because it will show more anatomical detail. Because of this, the high field scans are a top choice for many doctors when they are available.

An MRI High Field scan in Riverhead, NY, could be a great choice, as there is no radiation. Consider a top company – North Fork Radiology.

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