Facts about Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook

Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook is the most conservative dental treatment to restore aesthetics in people who want to have white teeth. With it, outstanding results are obtained by reducing the tone in various shades of enamel. The results: white teeth and a brighter, younger smile. Teeth whitening has become a fad, something that allows people to emulate their favorite stars, always with perfect dazzling smiles. It is a cosmetic dental treatment that is noninvasive and tooth-friendly, allowing for a beautiful and attractive smile.

The main benefit is the personal satisfaction you get with whiter teeth, which allows you to feel comfortable with yourself and be able to wear a beautiful smile. Thanks to Cosmetic Dentistry, you can remove stains caused by mild to moderate antibiotics, tobacco use or food and drink consumption. Treatment with individualized home splints gives great comfort to the patient by not having to go to the dentist to perform clinical sessions. Numerous studies have shown that carbamide peroxide is an effective oral antiseptic, and acts as a plate reducer and will also heal wounds.

Risks of tooth whitening

Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook is a conservative treatment and usually provides satisfactory results, but it also carries a number of risks explained below:

  • Normally causes postoperative tooth sensitivity that can last a week or so.
  • When bleaching is done at home with individual splints, sensitivity can occur when eating food and/or drinking cold beverages an hour after whitening.
  • The dentist uses harsh chemicals during the procedure. If you experience pain, try certain toothpastes and mouthwashes that stop tooth sensitivity and help improve symptoms.
  • It can also cause tenderness in the gum, which resolves in a few days.

Before your teeth whitening treatment, the cosmetic dentist will inform the patient of all risks involved and explain patterns of care so you can obtain the best possible result.

Teeth Whitening in South Bound Brook is a very safe and effective procedure if you follow the rules given by the dentist. If you plan on doing a home treatment, it’s best that you speak with your dental professional first. Even though these treatments are less harsh than those given in-office, they can still cause damage if not used properly. Visit Website URL for more details.

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