Advantages Of Preplanning Funeral Services at Holy Sepulchre in Hayward, CA

Teens and young adults might be troubled when their grandparents preplan a funeral with Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hayward, CA. By the time these younger folks reach middle age, they’ll probably understand the practicality of this proactive decision.

The Aspect of Courtesy

Setting up the arrangements beforehand makes things easier for immediate family members who otherwise might struggle with important decisions during a difficult time. They will appreciate their loved one’s thoughtfulness.

Ensuring Preferences

By being proactive, an individual can choose a full funeral with a casket and visitation. A funeral Mass will be held. In contrast, another person prefers a more casual memorial service. Each person also can select the size, design, and color of the headstone to be placed at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Hayward, CA.

This is also a way to make sure less traditional choices are carried out. For example, celebrations of life are becoming increasingly common. These gatherings are held away from funeral homes and churches, and instead, take place at locations like a favorite restaurant or someone’s home.


Anyone who feels hesitant about taking these steps should consider that death is inevitable. Pre-arranging a funeral and buying a headstone is not a way of tempting fate.

There’s no ideal time to make these plans, but doing so by one’s mid-60s is reasonable. That’s especially true if this individual is certain where he or she wants the service to be held and the location of the final resting place. This person might live for many years, but the cemetery plot and headstone will still be required someday. To get started, visit Holy Sepulchre Cemetery at

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