Advantages of same day crowns

A dental crown is often required if a tooth is subjected to trauma or has been affected by significant decay. If the root is still solid it may be necessary for the dentist to proceed with a root canal but other than that the procedure for fitting a crown is quite straight forward.

The big problem with getting a crown fitted to a tooth is the time element. Fortunately however advancements in technology now allow your dentist to provide same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach. Instead of multiple visits to the dentist along with the higher costs of the procedure a patient can now have a crown designed, made and placed all in a single visit.

The biggest advantage to same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach is convenience followed by a close second; comfort. Image that you can sit in the dentist’s chair and when you arise you have a crown fitted. Prior to this new state-of-the-art technology you sat in the chair all-right and then when you got up all you had was a temporary crown, the dentist still has to send the impressions and color specifications to a dental lab and then wait for it to be manufactured. Only when the crown was returned from the lab can you sit back in the chair and this time when you get up you will have a permanent crown.

Although a dental lab does do marvelous work it is not possible for them to be perfect as they do not have the advantage of having your mouth with them, a dentist does. Same day crowns in Jacksonville Beach are not only quick, they are often more comfortable because the dentist retains complete control over the procedure. Your dentist can personalize the crown, ensuring a perfect fit; this is not something that can be accomplished in a dental lab.

  • Over and above convenience and comfort there are other significant advantage to same day crowns over traditional crowns:
  • Complete control over the fit, shape and color stays in the hands of the dentist, not a lab technician
  • The material used by the dentist is every bit as strong and durable as the traditional material used by a lab
  • There are fewer problems of compatibility as same day crowns do not include any metal
  • When completed, the same day crown looks astonishingly similar to your natural teeth

As well as these numerous advantages same day crowns in  Beach save more of the natural tooth.

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