Choosing the Right Fabric Banners for Your Next Event

The boldest way to make a statement at any event is with bold, informational graphics that are custom-designed to get your point across. Among your many, many options to get this job done, fabric banners are perhaps the best possible solution overall. They won’t fade fast, won’t fray or rip after a few uses, and provide a brighter, more classy appearance than other popular paper and plastic options. Making the decision to use this type of banner is easy, but choosing the right design and layout for your event can be a huge challenge. Some of the things you need to consider in order to design a successful banner include:

Color Scheme

Don’t just choose any old colors and patterns for your fabric banners. Instead, take time to consider their content and their use at your event and design the scheme accordingly. If you happen to be running a more upscale event, it might be appropriate to avoid bright colors and instead use more neutral tones for your signs, while birthday parties and other, more whimsical events may call for vibrant shades and fun shapes.


Again, the style of the text you choose to use on your fabric banners should be considered with the tone of your event in mind. Whether you’re using a fine script, large, bubbly letters or something simple and sleek should depend on whether you’re hosting a formal event, a laid-back gathering or a professional meeting. This might be a small detail, but it can have a huge impact on how other perceive the mood of your event, which helps set the tone for entire meeting.

These are just a couple of the most important details you’ll need to consider when designing and choosing the perfect fabric banners for your upcoming event. For more advice on creating your ideal match, speak to a professional about other aspects you might need to consider to build a successful banner.

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