Advantages of Using a Metal Recycling Service in Baltimore, MD

In recent years, recycling has become an essential activity that helps private citizens and commercial operations achieve efficient management of scarce resources. Aside from the conservation of resources, recycling helps to reduce landfill utilization as well as eliminate/reduce the cost of acquiring and processing of raw materials.

Most people are conversant with the recycling of cardboard, bottles, plastics, paper, and wooden materials but not many know that metallic materials can also be recycled. In the U.S., the metal recycling industry generates over $236 billion yearly and employs over a million workers.

Prevents the Destruction of Natural Habitats

A metal recycling service in Baltimore MD helps to prevent the destruction of natural habitats due to mining activities. They reduce the waste going to landfills and help reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere (i.e., gases produced from the smelting and refining of metallic ores). They also improve the bottom line of companies that make heavy use of metallic materials since the financial resources required for metal recycling is a fraction of that needed for mining and refining virgin ores.

More Efficient Use of Energy Sources

Also, a metal Recycling Service in Baltimore MD makes more efficient use of energy sources while helping to reduce the volume of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere. The refining of metal from its ore consumes a huge amount of energy and releases more harmful gases than metal recycling activities. Metal refining processes are one of the major causes of climate change in the world as well as the reason for the ever-increasing levels of air pollution in urban areas.

Reduction of Air Pollution

If left unchecked, the pollutants released by the refining process will lead to respiratory health issues for residents within the area. Research shows that metal recycling services will reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by 300 & 500 million tons. Aside from reduced air pollution, metal recycling activities produce only about 3% of the waste generated by mining and refining activities and use only about 60% of the water required by these processes.

Therefore, it is essential that commercial concerns make use of metal recycling services to ensure the conservation of natural resources. To learn more about Mid-Atlantic Metals Inc and how their metal recycling services can help save the environment, visit their website.

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