Discuss Your Dog Bite Case with a Personal Injury Law Firm in Minneapolis, MN

Not all dogs are friendly. While they may look friendly at first and you may think you are safe, they may attack without notice. If you have suffered a dog bite that you believe was not your fault, you need to look into receiving compensation.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

To find out more about the dog bite law, you need to make an appointment with a personal injury law firm in Minneapolis, MN. Fortunately, if you are a dog bite victim, you will find that the law in Minnesota generally favors the plaintiff. The law is not subject to a defense that involves comparative negligence.

Therefore, the owner of a dog that attacks a person, without provocation, is liable for the injuries suffered by the other party. As long as the victim is bitten in a lawful place, the owner is liable for the total amount of the sustained injury. View website for more info about the experienced personal injury law firm in Minneapolis, MN.

Liability is Undisputable

When you speak to professionals in a personal injury law firm, you will find that liability is absolute in this respect. It does not make any difference if the owner uses reasonable care; negligence is not considered. Even the past good behavior of the dog is not considered. The only defense left to the owner is the failure of the injured person to behave peacefully.

As a result, if you are bitten by a dog is Minnesota and were not provoking the dog or behaving in a reckless manner, you have every right to contact a personal injury law firm to discuss your case and receive compensation.

Were You Knocked Down by a Dog and Hurt?

The law covers bites as well as dog-related injuries. For example, if you were knocked down by a dog and was injured, you can seek damages.

Learn more about the dog bite law in Minnesota by contacting a personal injury legal firm, such as Rutzick Law Offices. Make sure you receive the money you need to pay for your injuries.

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