An Auto Accident Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD Will Work Hard for a Financial Settlement

Auto accident attorneys are aggressive professionals who fight to get fair settlement for accident victims. Insurance companies do everything possible to deter a victim from continuing to pursue a claim against them. With the help of an auto accident attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD, victims will not have to worry about fighting against the insurance company for a fair settlement.

Once an individual hires an attorney, the insurance company cannot contact a victim and try to force them to settle their claim. All calls and information will go through an attorney. If an insurance company calls a victim to obtain information about the accident, the victim should never let them record the telephone call. Any information obtained during a recorded telephone call could be used against the victim as part of the settlement process.

Serious Injuries

Automobile accidents that include high rates of speed, drunk driving, and tractor-trailer trucks usually result in serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and a lot of missed work. These injuries could include broken bones, brain damage, nerve damage, the loss of a limb, scarring and other permanent injuries. Serious or permanent injuries usually receive a higher amount of money in a settlement.


An experienced auto accident attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD has the negotiation skills necessary to use against an insurance company. The insurance company will not be able to use tactics on an attorney that they would try on a victim directly. The attorney knows what types of information the insurance company will need to pay on a claim.

Financial Situation

When a victim is unable to remain employed due to their injuries, it can cause a large financial strain on them and their family who depend on their income to live. A victim can receive compensation for their lost wages because of the accident. These wages could be paid by insurance before the case is settled. In the event they are never able to return to work, future wages could be negotiated into the final settlement.

Do not let an accident financially destroy you. Contact us to discuss your case today.

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