An Easy Way To Access Nevada Trial Court Rulings

Databases and online access to a wide variety of information about courts and judges throughout the state of Nevada have made it much easier for top attorneys and law firms to prepare for hearings. Having a good understanding of the past decisions in trial court rulings, an attorney can more effectively prepare for a case and provide a more effective strategy for his or her client.

This information has always been available in Nevada, as in other states, but in the past, it was a labor-intensive process in searching court records and determining relevant cases, motions and judge expertise with specific types of cases. Today, thanks to specialized companies preparing these reports, an attorney or a law firm can order reports on a specific judge for each case or as necessary in preparing a strategy.

Understanding the Judge’s Case Law Preferences

Presenting the argument for the case or the motion using the judge’s preferred case law is always an advantage. In obtaining information on past trial court rulings, this information is easy to spot as a trend in the summary provided in the report. By tailoring the argument to the specific preference of the judge, an attorney can rely on the judge’s expertise and understanding of the case law to make the point.

Motions and Legal Issues

Not all judges handle motions the same way, and knowing the way a judge rules on specific types of motions in similar cases is a definite advantage. This allows the attorney to consider options for motions and to choose one that is more likely to be effective with a specific judge.

Knowing the expertise in specific legal issues is also an advantage in preparing motions and arguments for the court. Honing the case to meet the judge’s experience with legal issues ensures a precise delivery of the relevant information to present the case.

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