You Might Be Surprised at Who is Choosing Botox in Fairfax County VA

Even if you are well aware that celebrity looks are often due to cosmetic enhancement, you might be surprised at how many people in your own community have had a little Botox “boost”.

In fact, everyone from working moms to newly single 40-somethings visit specialists such the doctors at Tamjidi Skin Institute. When doctors provide treatment using Botox Fairfax County VA, patients experience few side effects, almost no downtime, and long-lasting results.

Business Professionals Get an Advantage

It is becoming common for women to get back into the business world once their kids are grown. Unfortunately, today’s competitive, youth-obsessed climate can put fortyish people at a disadvantage, especially if they need to meet the public. However, with a spa visit and a little Botox Fairfax County VA, professional women are often able to freshen and rejuvenate their looks and gain a professional edge. Doctors inject facial lines, crow’s feet, cheeks, and lips with a safe, cosmetic version of botulinum toxin. It prevents the muscle contractions that cause wrinkles and will smooth surfaces to create a fuller, younger look.

Treatments Give Singles an Edge

Doctors can often make a few non-surgical changes that increase single peoples’ confidence. Even the most attractive people can develop forehead wrinkles and lines around their eyes as they age. When plastic surgeons use Botox Fairfax County VA, clients instantly look younger and more refreshed. Treatments are short and consist of injections in the affected areas. They are done by trained professionals, RN’s, or surgeons. Patients have virtually no downtime or recuperation. Many people experience peeling for a few days, but it passes and the results last for several months. Botox can also be used to help reduce excessive palm or underarm sweating.

Botox Can Act as a Surgical Preview

Patients who are considering facelifts may use Botox injections in order to get a “preview” of plastic surgery results. Although a treatment can help them make the decision to go ahead, many people remain perfectly happy with the occasional, convenient injections. Since Botox can act as an eyebrow lift, wrinkle reducer, and lip enhancement, it is common for patients to choose it over invasive surgeries that can require fairly long recuperation.

Plastic surgery centers now provide Botox treatments to a wide variety of the population, and not just celebrities or the very wealthy. Treatments can give patients a business or dating edge and provide a preview of surgical results.

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