Arrested? A Bail Bonds Company in Hyattsville MD Can Help

When a person is arrested in central Tennessee, their first thought is to call a spouse or parent for help. Those folks often get woke up in the middle of the night. They have to contact a defense attorney and a company that handles Bail Bonds in Hyattsville MD. Both of these professionals know that they have to answer the telephone 24 hours a day every day of the year. Once the attorney accompanies their client to the arraignment hearing, they’ll know the charges and how much bail will be necessary.

A local bail bond company will go to the jail and arrange to post bail. Typically the bond company will pay 90 percent of the total bond. That means that the defendant will have to come up with a portion of the bail and fee. Not all bail bond companies charge the same fee. So if money is a concern, the defendant may want to contact several companies and compare the fees. Most bail bond companies accept cash, checks and credit cards. Some will even work out an individual payment plan.

Bail is a guarantee that the person will appear before the judge whenever they are instructed to. The defendant should not be surprised that the bail bond agent is very involved in their case. They might even see them at every hearing. In fact, the defendant might find that they are a good source of information and insight. Of course, the bail bond agent is also there to make sure that the defendant appears. If they don’t, the bail bond company has a limited time to find the defendant and bring them to court. When a bond company doesn’t do this, they have to forfeit the bond.

When a defendant hires a bail bond company, they have to fill out a detailed application. The information on it is used to locate them, if they fail to appear in court. If they give false or incomplete information, it is a felony. There will be a new charge and they will probably have their bail revoked. This means they sit in jail and wait for their trial.

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