Commonly Asked Questions About Tree Mulching in Fort Myers FL

Mulch not only looks attractive in your landscaping project, but it has many benefits for your yard as well. Read below to discover more information about mulch so you’ll be prepared when you hire a company that specializes in Tree Mulching in Fort Myers FL.

What is the importance of adding mulch around trees and in flower beds?

Mulching is very beneficial for your trees and plants and it can make them healthier. In the cold months of the year, mulch protects the roots of plants from freezing. In the hot months, it keeps the roots from getting too hot and drying out in the sun.

How much mulch is needed around trees and plants?

For best results, apply a layer of mulch that’s two to three inches deep. If you’re adding a top layer to existing mulch, place one inch of mulch on the surface.

Does mulch help to keep plants healthy?

Weeds that grow in your flower bed will rob nutrients from your plants. Mulch helps to keep weeds from growing, so your plants will receive all the nutrients from your soil. After watering your plants or after a rain, mulch keeps the water deep down in the soil so your plants have adequate moisture. Adding mulch also helps to keep the ground an even temperature, which puts less stress on your plants.

What are some of the various types of mulch available?

Cypress and cedar mulch are lighter in color than other kinds of mulch. Both of these types of wood naturally repel insects, which is a plus when you have the mulch right next to your house. You can also purchase colored mulch in various shades including black and red. Use organic pine needles as mulch to keep your plants healthy and to enrich their soil. When you’re ready to add mulch, contact a company that specializes in Mulching in Fort Myers FL to deliver and spread the mulch for you.

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