Ask the right questions when opening a personal checking account

Everyone needs one and they are not at all the same. We are talking about checking accounts. If you want to open a personal checking account and think that the best idea is simply to go to the nearest bank and fill out a form, you could be making a costly mistake. Not all checking accounts are the same – in fact, some are very different from others. You may end up with a bank that is charging you high fees for every transaction you make, and you could be saving a lot of money just by doing a little shopping around. There are a range of features and fees that you need to consider. It might take time but, when you find the right bank, you’ll be glad that you made the effort.

What you should consider

Depending on your needs, you should look for an account that is either free or has a low monthly maintenance fee. If you have a savings account, you might want to transfer some money into the checking account if a minimum balance is required to avoid fees.

Many banks have a reward checking programs, and you receive bonuses such as a higher interest rate if you use these services regularly. If this applies to you, this would be the right checking account for you. Again, if you arrange for direct deposits into your personal checking accounts in Knoxville, or use the debit card from the bank, this could all count towards a rewards program. However, different banks have different requirements for their reward programs. Be mindful of all of the requirements and whether or not you might meet those consistently in order to reap the most benefit from that account. If not, it might be best to seek a free checking account, if it is offered by that community bank.

Check on hidden fees

You may achieve no monthly fees but find that your checking account is full of fees for ATM use or electronic banking or overdrafts. This is when you have to ask a range of questions to find out exactly what you’ll be getting. You should also find out about overdraft protection. If, for example, you make a purchase, and you don’t have sufficient funds in your account, many banks will decline the transaction. However, if you have overdraft protection to a certain limit, your purchase will be approved, and you’ll have time to top up the money in your checking account. With all the decisions that would influence which bank you choose, you should Contact your local bank, and arrange for a personal consultation.

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