Palliative Care Can Often Make Life Easier

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Health

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Palliative care can make your life simpler if it has been determined that you are suffering from a chronic disease or with a life-threatening illness.  You can receive palliative care in Monterey CA while you are getting treatments such as chemo or others as prescribed by your physician. No reputable agency who offers these services will ever require you to stop seeing you own doctors or stop treatments. This special type of care aims to relieve any pain and other symptoms at the same time as meeting any emotional, practical or spiritual needs as they pertain to you. Your worker(s) can also help you see all of your options for treatment so you can make the best decision for you.

Does it Mean You are Dying?

Certainly not! It is true that a great many people who receive this care do have terminal or life-threatening illnesses, but many others are cured and don’t even need care anymore. Some move in and out as they need. If you do decide to stop treatment and your physician feels that you are coming to the last few months of your life, you can move on to hospice care. Your family may need help coping throughout this very emotional time and palliative care is there to assist them as well. They can offer help with education about your illness, offer them emotional support and keep their spirits up as part of your caregiver team.

When can You Start Care?

You can start at any time you would like, even right from the beginning when you get your diagnosis and start treatments. The earlier you start, the better it can be on you and your family. As soon as you are diagnosed, you are in shock and depression, anxiety and can already have hit you. VNA’s registered nursing staff can provide you with the care you need in these situations.  Their website lists the variety of options available.

Looking for palliative care center in Monterey? Contact The VNA & Hospice, they are designed to help such seniors with  experts and senior-loving staff.

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