Bail Bond Agent in Midwest City Oklahoma Explains Bail and the Release

When a loved one is arrested, their family members and friends what them home as soon as possible. Getting out is the best way to assess the situation and determine the next steps. Paying the amount of bond set by the judge will allow for the conditional release. Even so, those that post bail may still be curious about the process and the length of time involved. Here is some additional information about what happens after posting bail with a bail bond agent in Midwest City Oklahoma.

Bondsmen and Bail Amounts

The judge determines the bond amount based on the nature of the crime. A misdemeanor will typically have a lower amount than a felony or violent crime. In cases that involve high-profile crimes or international suspects, a judge not set bail because there is a high flight risk.

Once the amount has been set, the defendant can post bail for themselves or have a family member or friend pay the amount. In situations where neither the defendant or their loved ones can come up with the funds, a small percentage can be paid to a bail bondsman. In exchange, they will pay the full amount to the court on the condition that the defendant makes their court appearance.

Posting Bail

Depending on the crime, the defendant might post bail on the same day that they were arrested, according to the bail schedule. If the schedule isn’t offered, or if the defendant can’t pay at the time of their arrest, it can be paid after the arraignment. When it doesn’t occur within 48 hours, a bail hearing will be held, and the amount can be paid then.

Release from Jail

Once the bond has been paid, the defendant will be released within a few hours. The exact time may be based on the specific county, the number of defendants waiting for release, and whether it is a weekend or holiday. Since bail is a conditional release, the defendant will be given a set of guidelines to follow. Besides appearing in court and not breaking any other laws during this time, they will be given specific instructions based on their charges.

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