Benefits of Pre Season Maintenance on a System for Heating in New Haven IN

As the months start to grow colder each year, it is important for homeowners to start to think about the condition of their Heating New Haven IN. By having a home’s heating system inspected and maintained well before the colder months of the year start, it can often be easier to have the work done since most heating repair companies are not as busy early in the season. This can make scheduling an appoint easier and sometimes less expensive too.

One of the first things the technician will need to do is spend time inspecting the burner on a gas unit. The burner is made up of a number of small parts, which can become clogged or dirty. When this happen the unit will not light up properly and this can cause a number of issues. The technician will need to check the condition of the burner by turning on the heat and watching the flames light up. If they are blue and solid, the burner is in good shape. If they flicker or are orange and yellow in color, the unit will need to be cleaned.

The blower unit on the system for Heating New Haven IN will also need to be inspected. Before this can be done, it will generally need to be cleaned using a special vacuum designed to get into the smaller areas of the unit. In addition, to cleaning the air filter on the system should also be replaced as well. Cleaning these elements makes the unit easier to inspect and helps the unit run more efficiently. This can keep energy costs lower and helps in prolonging the life of the system.

After the unit is cleaned, the technician from a company like, Brockman Heating & Air Conditioning will then be able to inspect the motor. He or she will inspect the wires and connections to ensure they are secure. Attached to the motor is the fan, which moves the air into the ducts of the home. This will need to be inspected to ensure it is not damaged. The fan belt connecting the motor and fan should also be checked and replaced if it is worn or damaged.

By having this type of pre-season maintenance done early, the homeowner can be confident their unit is in good working order. This can be a great benefit once the colder winter weather begins.

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