Men’s Jewelry: Choosing A Diamond Ring for a Man

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Business

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Diamond rings are as popular for mens jewelry as well as for women’s jewelry. For men, a diamond symbolizes power, status, and prominence. In the past, only kings wore diamond jewelry. Now, men from all walks of life buy diamond jewelry depending on their culture and religion. Some cultures and religions believe men should not wear jewelry since it is associated with femininity. However this belief is getting less common as men flock to the jewelry stores. If you are a female planning to buy a diamond ring for a man, there are some things to keep in mind. Size

A man’s fingers are typically larger than a woman’s so the band will need to be wider. Try to find out the recipient’s ring size before you shop. If it isn’t a surprise, take the recipient with you to be fitted. Size jus doesn’t apply to fingers. Consider his physique. A large diamond would not suit a man with a thin physique.


The lifestyle of the recipient is an essential factor in choosing a ring. Does he participate in sports, go hunting, or work in an auto shop? Choose a ring with a strong metal band for men who live an active lifestyle. Precious metals like pure gold and silver are popular, but they tend to scratch easily. Titanium and tungsten are more scratch resistant. If the recipient leads a less active lifestyle, gold and silver will be fine.

Learn the 4Cs

Learning the 4Cs will help you spot a real diamond. The 4Cs stand for carat, cut, clarity, and color. Carat is the weight of a diamond. Higher carat counts increase the price. Cut refers to the exact dimensions and proportions and not the shape. The cut impacts brilliance. Clarity refers to diamond flaws. Diamonds commonly have natural imperfections that are graded on a scale. A high grade means the inclusions are less visible. Color refers to how white the diamond is. A true diamond should be almost colorless.

You should not hesitate buying a diamond ring for a man. Diamond rings are something he will cherish forever. Harry C Glinberg Jewelers can meet your needs for men’s jewelry.

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