Can a Bucket Elevator Increase Your Line’s Speed?

When looking for ways to increase your food packaging line’s efficiency, it’s important to explore all the available options to see which ones work best for you. Today’s food packaging line options offer a wide range of solutions to help any size company increase its efficiency.

A bucket elevator can speed up your process by automating a piece of the process that many companies have previously handled manually. The bucket elevator lifts your product, using food grade buckets, to allow for placement on scales or baggers. Automating this part of the process means your scales and baggers are always working, without dealing with the down time resulting from handling this process manually.

A bucket elevator uses two or four liter buckets to transport the product from the floor to the scales or bagger. The machine can be programmed to automatically start and stop, ensuring that it not moving while being filled, or when you need extra time. Today’s bucket elevators are stainless steel to make it easy to keep these clean, and are on casters to make it easy to move them where you need them.

Take the time to calculate how much time your company could save by using a bucket elevator in your production line. Once you determine the amount of time saved, you can translate that time into an efficiency increase to determine if this product would save you time and money and allow you to get more product out the door each day.

Your food packaging solution provider can help you determine if a bucket elevator makes sense for your business.

Adding a bucket elevator may be a simple and effective way to take your production line to the next level, moving more product with less hassle each day.

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