Successfully Build a Beverage Program with the Right Packaging

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Packaging

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Would you rather sell a single cup of coffee or more? Of course, from a business standpoint, you want to sell more coffee. That’s why it’s important to order from beverage packaging manufacturers in Illinois. They can provide you with all of the packagings you need to successfully implement a beverage program that maximizes your incremental sales. Imagine sending your customers out with a box of coffee that can be used to dispense at least eight cups. With the proper technology, now you can. A corrugated encasement encases an inner bag that inflates for efficient and quick filing. This type of packaging can keep hot drinks hot for up to 2 hours. It is easily bundled with other menu items that make taking a large order of coffee or other hot beverages a great idea. Purchase corrugated beverage boxes made with at least a minimum of 25% of recycled materials including post-consumer materials.

Have Custom Beverage Boxes Created

It’s always a good idea to market beverages. Beverages seem to be one menu item that is always ordered even when food is over-looked. Now you can have beverage boxes created that show off your custom label. Investing in custom graphics boxes can help you gain more new customers. They’re a valuable marketing tool that can clearly communicate a call to action, your logo, or any other design. Your customers will respond to your bold messaging. Consumers tend to respond to graphics and informative packaging.

Use the Services Offered by the Professionals

Professional beverage packaging manufacturers have state-of-the-art capabilities when it comes to producing attractive packaging. They also have the experience needed that ensure you receive accurate packaging that clearly defines and reflects your brand. It’s the perfect leverage that you need. Just imagine your beverage boxes leaving your facility numerous times a day. You are guaranteed more exposure. For beverage packaging contact LBP Manufacturing LLC or visit

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