Caring for Your Footwear and Clothing Investment: Suede and Leather Cleaning Services

Suede and leather products are often expensive to purchase, so caring for them properly is very important. When you invest in an item, you obviously always want it to look its best and you need it to last as long as possible. Keeping items clean is one of the best ways to lengthen their lives. With suede and leather, that care is much different than what other textiles require.

Caring for Suede

  • Apply a suede protector spray prior to wearing and reapply at least once a month, more frequently in wet and snowy weather.
  • A good suede brush can help to pull out debris and lift the fibers of the suede. Always brush in one direction.
  • Avoid wearing suede in very wet weather as even water can leave stains on suede. Wet suede should be dried by hand as much as possible by blotting gently with clean cotton towels.
  • Place white paper (not newspaper) inside wet shoes to absorb moisture.
  • Do not leave any suede items in the sun. The UV rays will fade the material.
  • Light stains may be removed with a suede brush, but large or stubborn stains will need professional Suede and Leather Cleaning Services to avoid damage.

Caring for Leather

  • Avoid getting leather wet as it will degrade the oils in the material which keep leather soft and supple.
  • Remove spills and debris from leather as soon as possible.
  • Only use a cleaner intended specifically for leather and always test it in a small, inconspicuous spot first to be certain the product will not cause fading or discoloration.
  • Condition leather with products specifically designed for that purpose. Use it whenever you notice the leather becomes less supple, particularly when the leather is exposed to sunlight frequently.
  • Use a protective spray on leather to shield it against environmental damage.
  • Only store in a cool, dark place where it can get ventilation. Never use plastic bags or totes.
  • Suede and Leather Cleaning Services should be performed at least twice a year, more often if the leather has visible stains.

If your suede and leather items are looking dirty or worn, take them to the experts at Pilgrim Cleaners. Their professional dry cleaning service can help to rejuvenate all types of materials. It will help to make your items last longer and look better.

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