Same Day Quality Laundry Service

Getting those stains, wrinkles, and pesky odors out of some clothes can be a hassle, and when those wrinkles or stains need to come out in a hurry for an event, it can be frustrating and stressful trying to find a dry cleaner that can get it done as soon as possible. Dry cleaners are used for more than wrinkles, stains, and odors, so don’t forget those impossible to wash, bulky, thick, and sometimes smelly items that are wished upon to hopefully one day clean themselves. They are more difficult to get clean and odor free, because they can not be washed in a normal washer and dryer and have to be brought to the dry cleaners if they are to be washed thoroughly.

There are multiple materials and items that can be dry cleaned including, suede, leather, table linens, rugs, pillows, and more. With quality laundry service, one can trust even their wedding gown to be preserved with Pilgrim Cleaners. Smelly hockey gear, those car rugs that will not come clean, UGG boots stained from the winter salt, and those big comforters that will not fit in a regular washer or dryer, are all able to be cleaned at the dry cleaners. Washers and dryers bought for everyday use do not fit those rugs, and heavy hockey gear, where the washers at the dry cleaners are made to hold larger capacities, making them able to wash the heavy gear, thick car floor rugs, and rugs throughout one’s home.

Need that dress dry cleaned for a weekend wedding, and your date’s suit altered? Worry no more, with same day dry cleaning for the dress, and alterations able to be made on the suit given a couple days before the event.

Finding a dry cleaner within a town’s limits is a task in its self, as some people who need items dry cleaned have to travel in less than an hour when living in certain areas. It’s rare to have a dry cleaner that is open 7 days a week, offers same day dry cleaning, alterations, repairs, affordable prices, all the while serving a wide range of cities and towns with Quality Laundry Service.





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